Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Oh well, Hello!

Salam, greetings to all. Hahaha, where have I been?

I was about to ask where have the Madan spirit gone, then I realised, i kept repeating that question in my previous post. Hahaha.

It is a long break here, 4 days holiday. And I decided to not go back to my hometown, since I planned to go back for good next week. Well, the project pretty much summed up. Even I still a PCR to run, since I successfully (till now) running away from qPCR task. And a manuscript to submit. I targeted result and discussion part to be 6 pages each, and I stucked at page 4 since 13 january. I think I have all the datas/points, but i just cant bring myself to write that down.

Well, my PCR didnt work really well. It occurred worse that what Afiq has predict.
#1: you got nice band, but you throw the gel away
#2 : you got a band, but you lost it during gel purification
#3 : you didnt get any band
#4 : Afiq said : you succeed finally. But, my gel got wrong, so I got a very thin band. So I run again for #5. and I did not get any band at all. sighh. I planned to run it yesterday. But my day was not productive at all. So i am gonna run it again well, maybe tomorrow. sighhh. things never go straight for me.

So I planned to stay home on this long weekend, to pack up my stuffs and to write.


I didnt write even a letter.

and i finished two movies, and I dont know how many masterchefS episodes. Nasib baik packing bergerak la jugak. or else, i just TLDM for this past three days.

Well, I plan to go back for good, by next week, the latest.

It was four years since I started my days in Bangi. There is so many good memories here. Ill write a special post on that later. Well, later can be three years later kan? Hahaha

I left home when I was 16, for boarding school. Since then, the longest stay in hometown was only three months for semester break. Eh, maybe seven months, when I was waiting for my SPM result. But for this, I maybe settled down there. Well, I dont really have any plan for my future yet. Hahahaha, turning 3 series in a year peeps, but still.... sigh.

Anyway, I dont know.

Oh well, I finally curated the tweet/sains account.

I did share few things, which I hope I did that successfully. But then, I think I bore the people there. I loose followers day by day. Hahahahahahaha. What did I think? 

Well, I talked about a very technical talk about transcriptome. Who want to know about that? Even myself! hahahaha.

Okay lah, nak pergi menyelesaikan beberapa hal

I hope, this writing can be a kickstart for my manuscript writing later ( this later hope to be in one or two hours later kekekekeke)

if not, you'll see me again here

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Where have my 'Madan' spirit gone to? Back in Cambridge maybe. 

Anyhooo, I listened to a radio talk this evening. About trend to get marry early. A 'trend'. I dont understand why people can decide on something big just because it is the current trend. Marriage is something BIG. Wedding gown is not. I dont have any issue with people got married at a very young age. Heck, mama got married when she was 18. 
Really, I dont. 
But, dont just jump into that wagon because it is the current trend. 
Yeap, I knew there are some 'instafamous' that got married at young age. And they keep showing their happiness on ig. 
Yes. An innocent mind will keep imagining marriage as something fairy as "Cik Cinderella and Encik Tengku". (What the heck production deciding to produce something like this. Baca title dia pun dah blergh. Came across that drama on my Facebook timeline. Seriously TV3?. I dont mind on rom-com. Most K-drama I watched were rom-com. But, Cik Cinderella? Encik Tengku. Vomit.) 
Once before, I listened to Maria Elena and Aiman Azlan slot on 'If I knew' regarding things that 'only they know before they got married'. Because people kept commenting on Nadrah. yeap cutie pie. For me, it was so funny when Aiman was humm-humm reading comments on their live telecast. Then he needed to explain again that marriage was not as bad as what they just said. It have happiness share on ot. Yeap. they just talks about problems they faced after they got married. I was rolling my eyes.
I am noob on relationship and anything along this words, but I know marriage is something realistic. You fight and argue with your siblings whom you know, and live together since you were born. How come you can live happily-no-fight all time with someone you just got married? Just be real. 
Okay, back to the kahwin muda. Really, i dont mind people get married early. Provided they are mature enough to understand on their decision. 
I super hate people saying "Kahwin cepat nak elak maksiat". What? what the stand? Yup, kahwin boleh menghalalkan satu perhubungan, hence maksiat bila korang bercinta, so bila kahwin you can call love of your life what ever you want, and thats halal. Yup. agreed

Ingat kahwin tu keluar dating, abang sayang abang sayang je ke? 

What ever. 

Kahwin and trend should not be at a same par. 

Im not saying everyone young is immature so tak boleh lagi nak kahwin. No. Immature and young yang nak kahwin muda sebab dok tengok ig, then post post fb pasal mithali mithali ni la yang sila reflect on getting marriage. 

Why do i really pissed with this issue. Why? I dont know. I should just stop.

Anyhow. I rewatch 20 again tonight. 

It just remind me of mama. 

Mama got married right after she finished with her secondary school. She was excellent student. I know, if she got chance to pursue with higher education, she maybe a professor right now. But, well, she chose to have us instead. Years before, she enrolled into a persijilan program in UM. She was so excited with that, went to kuliah on weekends, having exam, finishing her program. I still remember, she was having an exam, and she tried to open her book everynight after finished with kitchen duty. She was really happy. Well, she is one who loves 'ilm really much. She attend many kuliyyah in masjid. Anywhere within her reach. Then she able to join a formal kuliyyah from an ustaz in a lecture hall. After she finished her persijilan, someone ajak dia to pursue with Diploma. But she reject the offer. "nanti ada assignment, presentation. Takpe lah"

Watching Ha No Ra just remind me of mama who went back to school, in their later years. I envy them for their love of ilm. Not for someone among us who go to university, just because that is a life ritual. 

Do things, decide on something, when you have a stand on that. Dont just follow any trend. 

sleepy. Bye. Night.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Long time no see you. where goes my Madan Challenge? Back to Cambridge dah jugak agaknya. LOL

So whats the update?

So Mascot works failed. (yeahh, sejak bila workflow smooth? Tak nye. mesti ada hiccups here and there) Turn out, we need to convert out .d file into .mgf for full version Mascot to read it. More, since PJ side  is not familiar with Bruker system much, while Bangi side is not familiar with Full version Mascot, and proteins work, so, whatever PJ side suggesting, cannot be implemented in Bangi. 

One: because the computer is not mine. Hence I cannot pandai pandai godek here and there. Moreover the computer is the one that attached to LC system. Berani nak memandai. if anything happened to the system, then How? How? Hahaha. Second is because, all software is licensed. And it is not cheappppp. Like 50k per license. Gila heck. Science never make you rich, but it is not cheap either. Well, Mascot license is around 50K. maybe more now, since our currency is laike blerghh. At least it is cheaper than lipidomics. Lipidomics is 1.5M mehhh. Come onnnn, tu sama mahal dengan LC itself dah kot. Pasrah, sebab semua software Transcriptomic is open source. Hahaha. 

So, here and there, this and that, I cannot install Compass extension into the system. JUST.BECAUSE.THE.SYSTEM.IS.32.BIT. Grrr. Menstresskan I for whole week tau. Xtract is very specific. They need ONLY 64 Bit system, with Vista OS. Or, XP SP3. Even Wine is not accepted. And sadly our system is 32 Bit. So, How lah?I dont have Compass (licensed). So I cannot install Xtract (the extension, Freeware).

Nasib baik we got free trial version of PEAKS. another Software. So I tried to 5 laptop. Installed PEAKS, then Xtract. The shitty things is that Xtract installer have two version. One is 3.1.4-64 and another one is 3.1.4 which have 'for 64-bit' statement on both. I tried with larger size installer (3.1.4) around 42MB. And it did not work with all laptops. Dah lah semua laptop orang. Habis semua yang guna XP or Vista ada PEAKS. LOL. Nasib baik semua sporting. Tapi tak tahu la sporting ke kuasa senior terguna disitu. Hahahahaha. 

So I tried to download the other one. the 32 MB. But, internet line here was su*kS. It stated 32MB will take 3 hours. Okay laa, since I'm going out for lunch anyway. When I got back, it stuck at 3 MB onleh. Everywhere. Wifi connection, cable in Bioinfo lab. All connection s*cks.  

I got all rage. Hahahaha. 

I rarely get stress, so when I got stress, it is a bizarre. Mind wont work properly. I guess ill spark at a question of 1+1 even. 

So I went back, and download those at home. 1 minute. Grr.

The problem is again, my laptop is in Linux OS. 

Nasib baik Kak long punya laptop is Vista, 64 Bit. 

So sekarang laptop kaklong ada PEAKS with CompassXtract extension. LOL. anyone doing proteomic works and having problem in conversion boleh jumpa Kak long lepas ni.  

So, Im going to UM again esok. I dont have any expectation on the result, as I dont think it will give any good result. But let just do it. Since we have the MS data already. Kan? 

Anyway, I have provided the authorities on using MS for proteomic data. Macam gilak je nak offer service tapi nak convert pun tak boleh. Tu bukan nak identify lagi, just nak convert je. hewhewhewmihihihi

All in all, sekarang kena fokus nak tulis manuscript and get my paper publish. Dari manuscript boleh fokus tesis sama sama. Manuscript+thesis = ill graduating SOOOOOOOOn. 

Thats all