Sunday, April 9, 2017

I've been detoxing myself from social media for, ehem, a day? Hahah. Its quite easy for me because i just need to delete all socmed apps from my phone. Its kinda stuffing actually. People i followed on Twitter kept on arguing about something that wont go anywhere. Well, everyone has their own opinion. Hence it kinda stuffing to read people's opinion when they themselves closing their mind from others. 

I live in my own niche. I dont really know others. I may heard stories, emphatizing on their hardship and everything. But still, i'll go back to my own life and starts to shape their life according to my own POV. Such like, I believe education is everything. Knowledge is everything. When I heard stories of kids leaving school to work, because they are the sole breadwinner. I feel the hardship. I  emphatize with them. But I still feels like they should hold it in.If only they can wait for a few while, if only this, if only that... Just keep swimming for a little while until you finished with, at least your high school. Atleast you get better pay, better opportunity with only SPM. It will be better with other certificate, or diploma and degree, wont it? Better opportunity, better life. Kan? 

What I failed to understand is, there are things unavoidable for some people. Macam skrip Kemboja dalamAdiwiraku, 
Cikgu pernah dak tak makan dua tiga hari? Saya pernah cikgu. Kalau saya datang sekolah, siapa nak kerja cikgu? Kalau saya tak kerja, siapa nak bagi kami makan?
A very simple words yet soo strong. Food is staple. You'll die by not eating. But you'll live without education. Kan? 

Your opinion still valid. Education can change their life, make it better. But, given those lemons, you can squeez it into lemonade. But its hard to make lemon cake. More people would like lemon tart, over lemonade. Still, lemon tart need more stuffs and expertise than just water and sugar. Kan? Tapi, kalau simpan lama lama, tunggu nak belajar buat tart, habis rosak buruk lemon tu. Agree? Well enough with my useless metaphore. What I want to say is, yes, when I heard stories like Kemboja's, I be emphatize with her, pitying her, but i still hold my opinion strong. She should be let to finish her study, for better living in the future. Just because you 'already in her future' phase.You think you know better, just because.... because i will never be Kemboja, what ever I think is because I am not her. 

That is it. 

Sebab tu cam serabut gilaaa baca all those arguments. You are arguing things for people you never want to understand. You say you understand their situation, still you understand them from YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVES. Then keep arguing. And because everyone entitled to their opinion. What I need to do is to restrain my ownself. 

Okay, now I understand Seo Young and Woo jae's argument better. Hahah

The easiest way is to move away from those. Stop reading. 

So i deleted all of those apps from my main phone, but keep it in my second phone. But because it is already a habit to check for notification, i always always checking my phone to realise there is nothing to check anymore. Then i ended reading blogs mostly on korean dramas, and started watching new drama that i never intend to. Perks of detoxifying myself, kahkahkah. 

And there was times that I have things to ramble on my twitter page, but I dont have it anymore. Signing in on webpage was kinda hassle, and that was not compliance with my effort. So I just chunk my word. Well not that everyone need to know every opinion i have. 

There was a post from someone I followed on instagram. She asked people, what has social media made you? Other may say intriguing, self doubt and so on. But for me, i just realised apart from that, social media made in informative. In both ways. I got to know latest update on things happening whether in Malaysia or in the world. But, it also kept me informed with peoples opinion, and that showed how sick our society currently is. The liberalist, feminist, racist and every opinion every people has. 

Its bad for my mental status. 

So, i gonna try to keep on detoxifying myself for couple more days and lets see if I can make it, or not. And for that, perhaps i will be visiting this blog more often. Yeah, my thoughts and opinion surely longer than 140 characters. Leulss.

Till then, ja mata ne


Saturday, April 1, 2017

I am back to my Korean Drama mode. Please pardon me. I think if I just take art stream, I can nail it better than me doing science. Hahah. 

It is already 1st April. Nine more days toward employment. Somehow I got new resolution. Gonna work till I can have enough money to pay for another master study in anything that I want. And that mostly will be International Relationship or History study. I just gonna do that out of my interest, for the knowledge solely. So, I been googling for universities that offer the most interesting course, and the fee. Gahhh the fee in expensive, really! Like double than my MSc fee. I guess I gonna work for long lah if like this.

Anyway, as the title said, I am thinking of talking about another drama tonight. Kihkihkih. Can you see how many drama I have been watching lately? Gila lah. I start to understand those easy korean words. Easy, but harder than everyday greetings. Sometimes I can even understand the whole sentence. I take that as something good those drama do to me. That I able to learn new language after hours of watching all those dramas. 

Well, tonight I decided to revisit WISFC again. There are dramas with sloppy storyline (according to me) but I just like it. Whether it have a nice cinematography (like On The Way To The Airport) or a very good character upbringing (like Will It Snow for Christmas) or nice script with spot on translation (such like Lovers in Prague). Or, it have everything (like Reply 1988) which meant it was a good drama, totally not sloppy or what ever. There are dramas that I collect just because it have one or two line/scene that I super love. Only one or two out of those 16 episodes. But yeah. I just love it, hence all that goes into my collection, Such like Boys over flower (Korean version). I really dont like that drama. The storyline is ridiculous, some of the actors was bad. But it still in my collection because of two plot. One, Ji Hoo mansion. It only appeared a bit. Hahah. But its drooly. It was a traditional house (Hanok like) with modern interior. Something that I totally love.

I always in awe with traditional house, let it be Malay kayu house, or Chinese house, or Japanese House or the Hanok with modern interior. Like what they have in Cinderella Sister's. And this reason is also why I love On The Way To The Airport despite its confusing storyline and theme (But that drama also raised few life question on me. I'll write more if the Q still linger on my mind). Well, OTWTTA is perfectly beautiful drama (according to me). When I watched that, I kept on pausing and screen capping on every spectacular cinematography. Do Woo's Hanok (The absolute beauty), Do Woo's little cottage in Jeju, the outside view from its window, Even Soo Ah's house in Jeju was also pretty. Plus, I never want to travel to Korea before (even after how many drama I watch) till I watch that scenery. The view from Do Woo's office and his little cottage. Totally WOW. And, ehemss, they got LSY in it. Ehek. 

Well back to BOF. The second plot that I love was the conversation between Ga Eul and Yi Jung. The metaphor that he used between human's heart and a ceramic cup. Ga Eul just got dump to an a**hole, and Yi Jung was there to console her. He gave her this metaphor which somehow I already save it, as a quotation 

How long do you think it took to make it strong like that? It got rolled, stepped on, and cut on. It has to endure a heat of 1300 degrees. But that not the end of it. If it does not become yours even after all of that hardship, then you have to give up on it cleanly.'

Yes, just because of this two, I still keep this 24-episodes drama in my hard disk. WISFC also got pretty home. Kang Jin's house which he turned it half into his office is also pretty. The house design have a rustic feeling, but the inside is cool. Like what they have for Hyun Suk art studio and office in Twenty Again. Its pretty. I am totally sold. 

Next is, the characteristic. I always always fall for deep character. Like what they have for Kang Jin in WISFC, or Hyun Suk in Twenty Again or Dong Ryong in Reply 1988 and Do Woo in OTWTTA. OTWTTA is totally weird. I like Do Woo, especially when he said "Lets discuss this. I dont want to fight." (He was deep, wasn't he?) I super like his house, I like his job and characteristic. I just dont like the story. Kehkehkeh. I always like a good depth of one character, because it made the drama more lively. Anyway, what I really want to say is, characteristic is another reason one boring drama got into my collection.  

If you read previous post, I updated a lot on King 2 Hearts, which one of my favorite (despite they kill Eun Shi Kyung for no reason. I think the only reason they kill him was because they dont want him to have a good love line with Jae In pfft). The drama was totally fictional. Royalty is also one boring subject. But the drama successfully raised few issues in me. One is totally on international relationship and that made me dig on North Korea. I just really want to know what is beneath all those freaking news about that country. Another one is Jae Ha himself. He is a gone-case at first. But when he need to be in charge, he just showed that he have everything that needed for him to carry out those duty. And women power in Hyang Ah. Plus this drama helped me with my grammar. my SVA- subject verb agreement. Since the title is King 2 Hearts, that mean noun with S is plural. That help me in many ways. 

Anyway, most of my favorite couple are those who showed that being together made them better and stronger. You can see that pattern in my list of favorite drama. Well, I talked a lot about that premise when I talked about Twenty Again. 

Thats all I guess, for now. 

I should just do study on film, dont I?



Friday, March 31, 2017

I dont know what to do with my life

I installed an app in my 'new' phone so that i can update new entry on my blog just by using phone. Its not new actually, the phone. My sister was so pissed with my plug hugger, always-got-no-battery Redmi. So she decided to pass me her cracked iphone 6. Since she already got herself a brand new iphone. That said, i got myself a totally screen-cracked 5" inch phone, which so far i used to read blogs and capture instaworthy pics. 

Well, with this app, i gonna upload more entry, since twitter only permit 140 character in every tweet. And, i know there are people (that follow me) read my nonsense tweet. Well, sometimes i just want to rant things out but i dont want people to read it. Hahah. This is this blog is all about. If you read this, im fine. Just dont let me know that you  read. Kah kah kah. 

Well, today is last day of March, mean it only 10 days towards employment. I secured a job in KB. Sometimhing that i dont like. But, it pay the billsand my upcoming trip definately. I still uphold my dream to work jn a lab somewhere in this negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang, or away as far as Japan or Korea. Hahah. Got so many things to settle with before i start working, including siapkan bilik,siapkan correction,siapkan manuscript,medical check up yada yada. But i just tossed everything. Really didnt feel like working yet. But yeah, let just try for 3 months, if im good then all is good. At least, ada monthly income ni boleh lah berangan nak pergi Namibia dah. Or Korea. 

My friend suddenly update about her depression, which is kinda worrying. She always always update something about her stressful life. I really thought it was about her postgrad life. There is a period when you just giving up with it,but people around you wont allow you to. The only reason that keep me moving. People (family) expectation is the hardest par to reach. Totally understand her on that. But her condition in worse. She seeked help for that, dont worry. 

One of my friend used this tag line for her socmed profile: 
"I hate this feeling that I am not good enough" 

At first, I think that is a simple statement. But it grown big on me now. I really hate myself when i think I am not good enough. Self doubt. The feeling is already bad when you doubting yourself. It definately worse when people doubting you. I have one sister that always ask me, whether i am to finish my study or not. She thought that as an encouragement. But i did not feel the same. As I said before, self doubting is already bad, people doubting you make things worse. 

What ever lah. 

So LSY has another new drama. It is action pack,with heavy theme. Totally not my genre. But i gonna watch it for LSY. Keh keh keh. Well he pairing with LBY kut! Definately favourite duo. Just dont make it a sad ending. Please please please. I always have hard drawnback syndrome with sad ending. Terjebak kisah Hindustan sangat. I dont watch last episode of Story of a Man because they decided to kill Eun Soo in the eleventh hour. I finished with King 2 Hearts with resent feeling, again, because they kill Shi Kyung out of no where. I can handle Time between dog and wolf  because they decided to give new life and hope to Soo Hyun. I am dramatically sucked into drama that I watch. That is why I always stay on light and fluffy theme. 

Well the drama just started last week. Gonna wait till it finish airing before I start watching it. It is action packed with cliff hanging episode end. And gonna get all spoiler that I can before I start watching. Kah kah kah

Okay lah. Thats all. 

Nak marathon MDLSY lagi malam ni

Ill write about that drama one day.